a woman and man standing in front of a wall

Principal: Mrs. Tammy Williams

Assistant Principal: Dr. Jimmy Marcum



On behalf of the faculty and staff at Meadowview Elementary School, we would like to welcome you. It is our goal to ensure that your child(ren) receive the best education by teaching them the important skills, knowledge and values that are necessary to be a success in tomorrow's world.

We are a school that is dedicated and committed to the development of the individual child through a strong home/school/community partnership, a partnership which embraces the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of each student.

At MES, we strongly believe that the acquisition of strong academic skills along with good decision-making capabilities will enable our students to shape their own futures, become self-disciplined citizens, and promote life-long learning.

We invite you to become a part of our team at MES. We welcome your ideas, feedback and input at our school. Please consider becoming an active member of our educational program through volunteering, visiting, attendance of programs, and PTA membership, where you too can become a team player.