First Grade Visits Gray Fossil Site

First grade got the chance to study the past in a whole new way earlier this month. On October eighth and ninth, students went back to the Miocene Age on a field trip to the ETSU General Shale Natural History Museum Visitor Center and Gray Fossil Site. They learned all about the site, which was a pond between four and a half and seven MILLION years ago. They saw fossils of mammals and reptiles, including new species that were discovered in Gray: Bristol's Red Panda and "Old Stinky", a species of musk turtle that was native to the pond environment that was once located in Gray, TN, and surrounding areas. Students also got the chance to sort through and identify marine fossils from Aurora, NC, to give them a feel for what paleontologists do. Both students and teachers had a great time going "Back to the Miocene" in Gray, TN!‚Äč