Ms. Moser - School counselor

I am a professional school counselor who believes deeply in the power of comprehensive school counseling. The mission of the MES Counseling Program is to provide each student with the support and individualized resources necessary to promote social and personal growth, academic success, and career development. This is done through a comprehensive program which partners with families, teachers, and the community. The curriculum aligns with Virginia State Standards and the American School Counselor Association’s National Model for School Counseling.

It is my goal to help each student and his or her family to connect to our school and find maximum personal value in his or her education. Toward that aim, I provide classroom guidance bi-weekly throughout the year on topics designed to prevent and/or address common student developmental challenges and difficulties. These lessons focus on student development in three domains. These are:

Academic Development - Organization and study skills, goal setting, study and test-taking skills, stress management and decision making.

Personal/Social Development – Character development, coping skills, resilience, identification and healthy expression of feelings, recognition and respect for individual differences and similarities, conflict resolution and problem solving skills and bullying prevention and awareness.

Career Development - Exploration of vocations/careers and interests in occupations as well as the relationship between work and education.

I also provide direct counseling services to students individually or in small groups to address problems or challenges affecting them within the educational environment. Common reasons include anxiety, difficulty adjusting to changes at home or school, grief, stress, problems with self-esteem or peers, or anger management. This is not an all-inclusive list, however.

It is my firm belief that children have dignity and worth as human beings and that they learn best when they feel good about themselves and their relationships with others. I know that children who understand their feelings are better able to control their behavior and make responsible choices. I work with teachers and families to help create a caring, positive environment in which children will form constructive, affirming attitudes toward themselves, learning, and society. 

Parents, teachers, and students can initiate seeing the school counselor at any time. At school, teachers and students can request individual counseling in person or through a written request. Parents can make referrals by calling, e-mailing, or writing a note to me at any time.

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