MES Community Scholars

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For many years, Meadowview has been the only elementary school in the county to have a community scholars program. Students in 4th and 5th Grades are eligible to become community scholars. Like the programs in middle and high school, students have to be good students at school, but also have to commit to doing at least 8 hours of community service. This year, there were 32 students who completed the requirements to become Community Scholars. These students have shown their strength of character and their commitment to a more positive, collaborative dream for our future. Many of these students dedicated much more than 8 hours of service to the community during the year. Students completed service in various places in the community. Two students were even highlighted in local news for their expansive projects. Altogether, our students completed over 730 hours of community service this year! Congratulations to these students who truly exemplified what it means to be a Mustang!