New Sensory Path


Meadowview Elementary Students Take a Break with New Sensory Path

The students at Meadowview Elementary have a new way to learn in the front hallway of the school.  The new sensory path near the school office is a wonderful way for Meadowview students to increase cognitive functioning while also providing increased physical activities which engage various student sensory behaviors.  The sensory path was designed to allow students an opportunity to increase academic focus, reduce sensory seeking behaviors, and increase overall student engagement both inside and outside of the classroom.  The sensory path at Meadowview is not only changing how students learn, but also allows all students time to increase their physical, social, and academic health.  All the students are loving the sensory path and demonstrating the success of sensory processing skills in relation to their overall learning.  Success is evident in both the hallways and classrooms at Meadowview Elementary…where student needs are supported by the new sensory path!